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Pass Plus

When do you take it?

As soon as possible after passing your Driving Test.


What is it it?

A six-hour course, to gain additional driving experience. Please link to the Pass Plus website for a detailed over view. The individual modules cover such topics as night driving, adverse weather, dual carriageway and motorway, urban and country driving. At the end you get a certificate which shows you have completed the course.

Completing the Pass Plus course may get you a substantial discount on your first years insurance, although this is not the main aim of Pass Plus, experience is the important element of Pass Plus. Check with your own Insurance Company to see if they offer a discount to Pass Plus Certificate holders.

How can the Pass Plus apply specially to your needs?

If you took hourly lessons for example, you may have had limited experience on dual carriageways. In Pass Plus you get valuable dual carriageway and motorway instruction as well as fresh perspectives on town driving. There is also freedom within the modules to use the country and urban driving for your individual benefit.

What does it cost?

With this driving school - £160.00. This would normally be undertaken in 3 x 2 hour driving sessions taken at different times of the day trying to incorporate a night driving session.

If you live in the Greater London Area (TW Postcodes) you may be eligible for a £70.00 refund from Transport for London on completion of the course.

Colin Reed 2012
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